Buyer Price Negotiations

We are committed to negotiating the best price with the best terms possible. We know that sometimes negotiations aren’t just about the price, but may also be about the terms and conditions. A great contract will contain the right terms that make it the right deal for our clients.

Real estate market data

We spend a great deal of time and effort collecting market data to help you in your price negotiations. This data involves not only sold property prices by neighborhood, but also current listing prices, which helps determine the competitive nature of the market. We will complete a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), which will also show you market trends and additional information to help you during negotiations.

The CMA has two parts:
  1. The comparison of the property you are considering to similar properties recently sold in the nearby area. This shows what has happened in the recent past, which will help indicate trends.
  2. We then do another CMA process on the currently listed properties in the same neighborhood (or nearby) that compare to the property you are considering.  This gives us a current market snapshot so that we can adjust our valuation and our offer to reflect the current market conditions.
Understanding your motivation
Only through constant communication can we can advise you properly in price negotiations. By understanding your motivations and financial capabilities, we can help you craft a price negotiation strategy with the highest probability of success.
Negotiating Terms
There are a lot of ways to negotiate a real estate deal. Perhaps the seller isn't able to work with you on price, but they can make other concessions that could result in a deal. We help you take the best approach.
Seller motivation research
While it is not always possible to determine why someone is selling, there are things we can glean from their listing and price activity that will allow us to help you to negotiate from a position of strength.
Many real estate negotiations involve multiple counteroffers before a deal is reached. Counteroffers take patience and negotiation savvy. We will work with you to reach the best possible deal for you.