Inspections & Repair Negotiations for Buyers

Many buyers (and sellers) complete the purchase contract phase of the deal, and sigh in relief. “Thank goodness we’re all done with the negotiations.” They forget that the price isn’t the only negotiation point in a real estate purchase. There are a number of contingencies and processes that must take place before closing. One that frequently causes deals to fall apart is the inspection and repair negotiation process.

Inspections in a real estate deal include many property aspects:

  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Pests & insect infestation
  • Mold & other environmental hazards
  • Wells & water quality
  • Septic systems
Your home inspection may require something not on this list, and you may have more than one inspector for different home systems. The Archibald Group will help you order the inspections, coordinate the schedules, and ensure everything is completed on time. Failure to complete inspections (and respond to the inspection with objections) by the deadline stated on the purchase contract can result in the loss of the buyer's right to request any action. We have tools in place to help track deadlines so this never happens to you.

The inspection report can uncover issues that you want to the seller to address. This is an additional negotiation in the contract process. We go over inspection results with our buyers and prepare documents that are required to request seller action and corrections. Sellers do not normally have an obligation to undertake corrective action, so it becomes a critical negotiation point, especially if the problems are significant.
Inspection issues are one of the main reasons many real estate deals fall apart. Sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your purchase moving forward when negotiating with the seller for repairs or corrective actions. The Archibald Group has a lot of experience with these negotiations, and we work hard to keep the deal together. If necessary, we maintain an extensive contractor list that can provide the right contractor to get a job done. Whatever issues arise, we will make sure that every resource is used to keep your home purchase on track.