Proper List Pricing

A proper list price reflects current and realistic market conditions as well as the condition and finishes of your home compared to competing homes. Accurate pricing is critical if you want to sell quickly and get the best price. While The Archibald Group does not want you to under price your home, we know and have experienced that it is much worse to overprice it. Homes that are priced correctly and competitively sell more quickly and for a higher price.

Buyers discount value by how long a home stays on the market (reflected in the DOM/Days On Market field in MLS). Experience shows us that the longer a home stays on the market, the more a buyer will discount their offer. The proper list price is how we ensure your property sells without lingering on the market and dropping in value.

Calculating a suggested list price that reflects your home’s competitive position within the current market takes a combination of honest evaluation and experience. The Archibald Group is careful and detailed in our analysis and market evaluations to make sure that you are priced correctly. We will provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to assist you when calculating your list price.

CMA - Sold Properties 
The first selection of comparable properties will be those that sold recently. These homes will be selected by similar attributes and proximity to your home. Once we have that list, we begin adjusting prices by accounting for differences between your home and the comparable homes.

CMA - Current Listings 
The second step is to look at your home’s competitors. These will be homes that are currently listed for sale in your area that are comparable to yours. We then go through the same process of adjusting pricing by accounting for differences between your home and these comparables currently on the market. We combine the two CMA results to accurately and competitively position your home in the market.

Keeping Up Appearances (Staging)
The details are very important. Buyers will value your home higher or lower depending on how your home appears from the curb, the front door, and their first impression when opening the door. Well groomed landscaping, tidy entries, and well-staged homes sell faster and for more money. We are experienced at walking through homes and pointing out how you can improve your home's image to get top dollar.