Search Assistance to Understand the Market

Online tools can keep sellers up-to-date on what is happening with the competition. With the Home Search tool, sellers can set up an automated home search that will send an email when there are changes (such as price or sales status) with competing properties.

You, the seller, can identify which homes compete with your property. You will want to start with some search parameters based on your home, like:

  • Type of home (condo, single family home, etc.)
  • Size in square feet
  • Number of bedrooms
  • A price range
  • Within one mile (sometimes up to three miles) from your home

This is not a complete list, of course, but searching on a few of these features will give you a good idea of what is going on with competitive properties in the neighborhood around you.

If you live in a community development (e.g., The Boulders, DC Ranch, Desert Mountain, etc.), we suggest that you start your search by entering your community's name in the "Enter Location or MLS #" field.

You can then refine your search with the "Price," "Size," and the other filters in the "More" button.

Here is an example of a home search in Carefree that:

  • Costs $750,000 to $1,000,000
  • Has at least four bedrooms
  • Has at least 3,000 square feet

Here is a sample result:


What now?
You can save this search, and come back when you like to check for any changes or more conveniently, you can have the website automatically email you when there are changes. (You have to create an account to save searches.) That setup looks like this: